This is an informative blog dedicated to the Russian threat against the free world.


Unfortunately these days we have come to learn that some corrupted elements within our democratic elected governments operating with the old naive believe that appeasing Putin and his elite clan will provide us with peace and stability, not at all! Proven factually wrong as the Russians continue to support blood war’s in Ukraine, Syria and lately also Venezuela. We can expect they will continue the warmongering into the future. Aiming to maintain dictatorships but also because they fear a free and democratic Ukraine next door threatening their fragile corrupted kleptocracy.

We all know by now that appeasing the Russian regime is a delusional assumption to justify Big Business scraping profits for a few state friended capitalist companies. Natural Gas can be bought on a market with several big players available besides US LNG there is Qatari LNG etc, however the US is a dominant player in the fossil fuel market. But most importantly a peaceful partner neither threatening us with nuclear warfare, on the contrary they are our main NATO ally and liberated us from the murderish German Nazi pact in the first place.

Natural Gas sourced from Russia apart of the pipeline transportation aspect is cheaply offered because profits only need to be shared between a happy few clan members around Putin. And to maintain their army and the FSB secret services. Ordinary Russians however will see nothing returned from the profits of the natural resources the country generates, on the contrary they are being defrauded the worst regarding their government greed. Meanwhile Gazprom operates like a Tax exempt company which also provides them with an unjustified competitive advantage against other more honest players in the international market.

Of course this is totally irrelevant for a few ignorant European political parties mainly the German coalition of SPD & CDU, who are the main EU political forces supporting this dubious project. NordStream2 is a natural Gas project which is aiming to provide Putin’s clan more Billions$$ to sabotage the free world in return without any scruples! It also helps in funding more the Kremlin budget to co-financing Right wing populist like the German AfD, the French party of Le Pen and also the Italian Matteo Salvini. As a matter of fact all over the European Union wherever the Putin clan seeing an alliance for themselves. 

We want to create more awareness for the general public that sending Billions of Dollars & Euros to a sabotaging regime, which at the same time us threatening meanwhile corrupting high profile names, must be limited to an absolute minimum! For these reasons we must stop the Nordstream2 pipeline and even more important limiting European Gas dependence from Russia which is going to provide Putin’s clan in & around the kremlin only the income to continue funding their anti democratic policy as well as anti-European and anti US agenda. Europe must be united and is obliged to Stop projects like the dubious NordStream2 and alike.

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