On a personal note I’d like to mention the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by the Russian military on 17 July 2014, killing 298 passengers and crew while the plane was flying over Ukrainian skies. Having done my pilot license 25 years ago, we learned perfectly well how Radar functions and everything related to Air traffic control. These days there’re mobile & web Applications to follow Radar traffic, a toddler can check Airplanes passing by. where planes take off, the altitude, speed, final destination etc. A specialized Russian Buk missile system military operation in 2014 must have perfectly know the difference between a military aircraft or an airline passenger plane which was on a very much visible and weekly routine journey from Amsterdam to Asia.

Conclusion, they deliberately targeted and shot down Malaysia MH17, a fully operational command coordinated from Moscow. The reason for this operation was clearly revenge for the lost of the control over the Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin accusing European politicians of incitement and supporting the Maidan revolutionary happening.

Our hypocrite governments keeping the same knowledge as long as possible quietly under the table, meanwhile showcasing with some cheap excuses from the Russians. Even with todays knowledge they are building more business and therefor funding Putin’s sabotaging mafia clan more Billions dollars, because of economic interests thus industrial profits. Especially after the downing of MH17 the NS2 project surly is a dirty controversial business venture!


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