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Beyond Salisbury: Identifying Russian intelligence operations

It takes guts to expose Russian military intelligence from the centre of Moscow and more GRU operations could come to light.

The investigative journalists at Russian news site The Insider are aiming to uncover more Russian military intelligence operations after identifying the GRU agency officers behind the Salisbury chemical weapon attack.

“We’re not very focused on Salisbury. We know this will be covered by British authorities,” said Roman Dobrokhotov, The Insider’s chief editor.

“They have all the CCTV and from the beginning they knew [the GRU operatives’] real names,” he added.

But it isn’t clear if these details will ever be released by the UK government. The more significant releases to date have come from journalists.

The Insider, alongside UK-based investigative organisation Bellingcat, recently revealed the identity of a third GRU operative, Ivan Sergeev.

“What we are interested in is finding other operations of Sergeev or other GRU agents in Europe, trying to piece together their travels with other strange events happening in those countries,” he says.