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Germany’s Social Democrats defend Nord Stream 2

The Social Democratic Party (SPD) Parliamentary Group has published its official position on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (NS2). The document outlines the party’s strategy on NS2 in the project’s final stage and future activation. Based on the assumption that NS2 is close to completion, the SPD intends to stabilise Germany’s central position as a hub for Russian gas in Europe. At the same time, the Social Democrats want to strengthen their message that NS2 will benefit the EU gas market, including by expanding the circle of those who will gain from the investment.

The SPD’s consolidated position is principally intended to ensure that the party presents a consistent line at all levels, from its statements in the Bundestag and the national German media, to local activists’ conversations on the doorstep. The SPD has likely been led to unify and clarify its argument in favour of NS2 by some criticism in the German domestic debate about the nature of the investments. The party also wants to emphasise its political support for NS2 in contrast to other more visible voices promoting the project, such as the Christian Democrats’ economy minister Peter Altmaier. Nevertheless, the SPD’s document does not deal with a number of issues that the pipeline’s opponents have raised, both in Germany and in other countries.

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