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Goal and function of Russian propaganda

Author of this analysis: @Prizrak_Opery

Have you ever thought about what the essence of propaganda is? Propaganda is mind manipulation of consciousness.

Correct actions only begin when people start analyzing and understanding what is happening. Propaganda aims to prevent you from doing the right things. Propaganda plays tricks on you. Propaganda distorts reality, distorts the essence of events. Propaganda plays tricks on you. The purpose of propaganda is to make people draw the wrong conclusions. Propaganda seduces and urges you to wrong actions. All in the interest of those who spread propaganda.

Lies, fraud, bribery, extortion, intimidation and murder are the classic methods of an international terrorist organisation called Cheka, NKVD, KGB, FSB.

Russian propaganda is dangerous because it aims to divide society. It aims to divide people under any pretext. The ultimate goal of the Russians is to take control of your country’s resources. They will only achieve this goal to the extent the citizens of your country will allow. And in order for the citizens of your country to help Russia achieve its goals, they will be adequately served with propaganda.

After the Russian propaganda, sooner or later Russian „green men“ will come with weapons in their hands. This is inevitably the case. It always happened in history. The Russian army will come without chevrons and identification marks. They’ll all say they’re protecting you. They’ll all say that they are „rebels“ and citizens of your country. They will say that they protect some of the „insulted“ citizens from another part of the „aggressive“ citizens. The feud between them was first created by Russian propaganda.

If Russian propaganda works in your country, it is a distraction trough information against your country. This is a terrorist act in the field of information against your country. This is the beginning of an aggression against your country.

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