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Russia ‘very likely’ to meddle in European Parliament elections, warns Estonia spy chief

The intelligence boss also says Russia is continuing to develop and train its armed forces for a “large-scale war against NATO”.

The Kremlin will “very likely” try to intervene in European parliamentary elections this May to help pro-Russia and anti-EU politicians win seats, Estonia’s equivalent of MI6 has warned.

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service said President Putin’s goal is to undermine unity with the European Union “by sowing disorder and disbelief” within and between the 28 – soon to be 27 – member states.

The comments came in an annual security report that also said Russia’s secret security services are still carrying out hostile activity in cyber space despite the exposure of Russian military cyber operations in the wake of last year’s Salisbury spy poisoning.

Estonia also warned that Russia is continuing a build-up of conventional military forces along its western border.

“This shows that in the prioritised western direction, the Russian armed forces are preparing for a possible war along a wide front,” the report said.

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