NATO Energy Cooperation

After lots of protest and resistance against the Putin pipeline Nord Stream 2 I decided to write done a summarized project status review.

I’m convinced like many others that the only solution is full Stop of Nord Stream 2, even a moratorium I see already as a passed trainstation simply because it only continues to fuel the whole discussion.

With the human abuse events acted against Navalny and protesters its even more clear that we’re going to fund a government organized crime state if we continue with NS2. there are already plenty pipelines to Russia and NS2 is only adding one more helping to empower Putin and his cronies, people who in fact act against us, against Europe, the United States and NATO. Huge time to Rethink NS2 and Stop it while still possible. However we’re now landed at a stage were also we need to think about solutions. For Germany Nord Stream 2 poses a huge investment catastrophe, also for the Energy sector involved its a huge lost of investment. Its not up to me to blame an industry sector for not implementing proper due diligence joining a Russian gov abuse vehicle, a government whom is very much involved in organized crime. The German political spectrum is a whole different level of involvement from political parties of the leftwing & rightwing up to gov coalition partners, with a few exceptions all seem supporting NS2 without regrets. The United States government and the European Union on the other side opposing Nord Stream 2. My ideas about an Energy cooperation between various parties I wrote down here.

I’d like to mention that German officials have said, even Merkel did say that a gas molecule via Ukraine is the same molecule as via Nord Stream 2. They also mentioned it suppose to be replacement gas, not much more. Opinions about that contradicting eachother but Germany still needs Gas next few energy transition years. Preferably sourced from nearby partner countries but that also seems to become a limited option as everyone deals with same energy transition regarding climate change. However ideally Germany sources energy like Gas from NATO countries and/or NATO friendly countries like Australia, Qatar or Algeria. At this stage Germany sourcing much fossilfuels from antagonist state like Russia, this is a past developed concept which is carrying some serious drawbacks. In this context its very surprising that NATO affiliated countries are working often against eachother when its about energy trade. Meanwhile the Kremlin are using their monopolized energy as a weapon against NATO countries, dividing and punish those who do not obey Russia, for example by limiting Gas supplies. We’ve noticed the Kremlin energy power play in the past in Ukraine and lately also with Bosnia. And while I speak, the Russians also limiting Gas supplies to Germany this winter 2020/21.

A possible solution, a possibility:

These days we also may conclude that for some countries in the NATO alliance its challenging to meet the 2% GDP NATO contribution, quite a burden actually. For me, not being a specialist regarding this subject its beyond insane that NATO countries compete with eachother for Energy at the same time more or less conveniently buy energy from antagonist states like Putin’s Russia. And with that financing Russia’s whole security apparatus & army operating against NATO & the free world. Of course there has been historical events which influenced where energy could be sourced and there are Geographical aspects as well. Never the less these days NATO is funded based on a relative high GDP %  but is that still working well? it seems outdated and quite a few countries never actually reached the target of 2%. Putin’s Russia on the other hand is using their energy as an armed weapon against us, therefor NATO countries should take action and implement a similar strategy. It might not be easy and plenty aspects needed to be analyzed but one thing is for sure we’re losing a hybrid energy war from the Kremlin antagonists at this point of time. My suggestion would be to review the 2% NATO defense spending between NATO countries which have a energy surplus and allies which are in urgent need for energy. Like Germany a heavy industrialized EU country might be more incentivized buying oversees in combination with competitive energy supplies and possibly with a somewhat lower GDP% defense budget negotiated. It will also depend on the United States priorities. LNG fuels is a commercial market and the quickest highest bidder buys the cargo’s. One needs to rethink energy needs beyond profit. At this stage Europe is competing with Asia for LNG fuel market. Apart from economics benefits seem not geostrategically smart when NATO allies working in opposite direction from eachother. Not only regarding Russia also in regard to China and others.

Finally I’d like to say within -15 years we need to build down fossilfuels completely to reach climate targets that is. It be much smarter to focus these last few fossilfuel years source within the a NATO ecosystem. Green energy must be the focus building down the outdated fossilfuel age. Can the free world do it? No choice, They Must!