Russian plethora

On this page we will show European and beyond, multi million valued properties of Putin affiliates. Sourced by the uncovering work of opposition leader and anti corruption investigator Navalny in Russia. 

To have an impression how the hypocrite Kremlin views the matter read the following statement by Putins spokesman: 

Russia may be run by elites, but at least they are elites who share the same interests as the people!  

Surkov, MT. Feb. 12. 2019.


Near the village of Plyos in the Ivanovo region east of Moscow where Medvedev parked one of his his dachas.

And a lavish countryside estate worth about €350 million.


Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov Villa at the lake in Italy worth more than €1.5 million.


Read more on the Navalny Youtube channel.


The property of Igor Shuvalov in Skolkovo Rosreesr. The head of VEB bank and former first deputy prime minister. The 7.6 acres plot valued at around 4.5 million dollars or 296.5 million rubles. 

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