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    US-Sanktionsdrohungen gefährden Nord Stream 2

    Berlin, Washington Donald Trump hat gerade eine Europareise angekündigt. Vom 31. August bis zum 3. September wird der US-Präsident Dänemark und Polen besuchen – und um Deutschland einen Bogen machen. Die besondere Botschaft, die hinter diesem Reiseprogramm steckt, ist nicht schwer zu entschlüsseln: Die US-Regierung will ein Zeichen gegen die Ostseepipeline Nord Stream 2 setzen – Dänemark und Polen gehören in Europa zu den entschiedensten Gegnern der Projekts. Continue reading the article published on the Handelsblatt new website.

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    Gazprom expects Denmark to approve Nord Stream 2 route in October

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian gas producer Gazprom expects Denmark to agree to its route application for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany in October, RIA news agency cited Gazprom’s Chairman Viktor Zubkov as saying on Thursday. Gazprom hopes to finish the gas pipeline project to Germany by the end of this year, but it has had delays in obtaining permits from Denmark. “I think they should give approval sometime in October and then we complete this very important project at the end of the year,” Zubkov was quoted as saying. The above article appeared on the Reuters news website. 

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    Professor: The Nord Stream 2-pin is passed on to a new government

    CHRONICLE: The current Danish government, unlike Sweden and Finland, hesitated to approve Nord Stream 2 through Danish waters. The decision on the route has now been postponed to the general election. This leaves the problem to a new government, writes Bent Ole Gram Mortensen. By Bent Ole Gram Mortensen  Professor of Environmental and Energy Law at the University of Southern Denmark, Deputy Chairman of the Energy Complaints Board and consultant for lawyers in relation to Nord Stream 2 As previously described here at Altinget, two applications have been submitted for the establishment of a further German-Russian gas pipeline – Nord Stream 2 – through the Baltic Sea via a route through Danish…

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    Nord Stream 2 is delayed. It is confirmed by the documents

    The start of Nord Stream 2 operation will be delayed at least to the second half of 2020. It is official, just take a look at the documents – writes Wojciech Jakóbik, editor-in-chief of BiznesAlert.pl. On May 15th, the Danish Energy Agency published environmental records for the third variant of Nord Stream 2 route. The pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea is already being built, but not all permissions have been received yet. Denmark has not yet decided whether and what application to consent to. It already received two, now it demands the third one. It was possible thanks to ending the territorial dispute between Poland and…

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    Gazprom is threatening Denmark with a late payment on the authorization of Nord Stream 2

    The Russian daily “Kommersant” reported on Monday that the Gazprom group is preparing a base for legal action against Denmark, whose authorities – in his view – procrastinate in a manner unjustified with the process of issuing a permit to set up the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. “Gazprom threatens Denmark with a lawsuit for delay in issuing permits” – said Kommersant. Relying on legal sources, the daily argues that Gazprom has little chance of a quick victory, while according to experts the threat of a lawsuit may put pressure on Denmark. Gazprom’s representative Dmitry Chandoga said on Monday at a media conference that the company believes that “there is still…

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    Patostream with Nord Stream 2 By

    By Wojciech Jakóbik Quarrel in the family Energy cooperation between Western companies and Gazprom goes far beyond the contested and – already mainstream– Nord Stream 2 problem. It includes the exchange of assets, the entry of the transport sector and bunker with the use of LNG. Further challenges threaten to delay Nord Stream 2, which may translate into problems in other departments of this economic symbiosis. The Austrian OMV acknowledges that the lack of Denmark’s decision to allow the construction of the Nord Stream 2 section on its territory could potentially delay the project. Even Russian Kommersant acknowledges that the delays in the construction of Nord Stream 2 are likely. According to our findings,…

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    Russian company: Incomprehensible that Denmark has not made a decision on controversial gas pipeline

    The Danish Energy Agency has today received a new and third application from Nord Stream 2 AG for a controversial gas pipeline that has to go from Russia to Germany. But besides the application, the company also criticises the Danish authorities for waiting so long with a decision. It is now more than two years since the company behind the pipeline, owned by the state-owned Russian energy group Gazprom, submitted its first application for a route through Danish waters. And in a press release Nord Stream 2 AG calls it “incomprehensible” that Denmark has not yet made a decision. According to them, there are no relevant environmental or safety reasons why…

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    Did the Nord Stream II gas pipeline project have its wings clipped? Denmark has delayed its approval for building the segment of the pipeline that crosses its territorial waters. Whilst a total restructuring of the entire project seems to be highly unlikely, Copenhagen’s decision unveils the contradictions between Nord Stream II and Europe’s energy policy. What is the Nord Stream II project? Nord Stream II is a gas pipeline project which is to connect Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in the north east of Germany, and which would follow almost the same route as Nord Stream I which has been in service since 2011. The pipeline connects the biggest supplier of natural…

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    Controversial Russian gas pipes can slip into the ‘Polish banana’, which Denmark has just thrown

    The Danish authorities are asking Nord Stream 2 to investigate the possibility of a completely new route in the Baltic Sea. It can delay the project for a year. The disputed gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea will be further delayed due to Denmark. The Danish Energy Agency in Denmark has asked the company to investigate a completely new route past Bornholm to the gas pipeline, which will transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. It can delay the project for up to one year. Especially in Russia, this will cause annoyance because the government is impatiently waiting for the state-owned Gazprom to use the new pipeline. Germany…

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    Denmark can buy time with a new proposal for Nord Stream 2 routing

    New boundary drawing can give Denmark a year more before the election for Nord Stream 2 must be made. One year can change everything. After years of tug-of-war, Denmark is still in a grim clamp when it comes to the great expansion of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream through the Baltic Sea, Nord Stream 2. Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) is squeezed between the giants Germany and Russia on the one hand and the United States and a number of Eastern European countries on the other. Therefore, it is not insignificant that, according to Politiken, Denmark, after a settled border dispute with Poland, now has a technical possibility to…