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    The Russian connection to a Berlin hit job that Germany doesn’t want to talk about

    Berlin, Germany (CNN)Murders happen in Berlin. They’re not common — the crime rate in Germany is currently at its lowest level in more than 25 years — but as with all major cities, the occasional violent killing is all but inevitable. What’s far less common is for them to occur at noon, in the city center. And what’s truly unprecedented is when the target is a former Chechen fighter, and the suspect an alleged Russian government hitman. But that’s exactly what happened on August 23. Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a 40-year-old Georgian citizen of Chechen descent, was on his way to midday prayers at a mosque in the Moabit district of downtown Berlin. A man following him on…

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    Replacing Dutch gas with Russian gas contributes to global warming (and no one seems to care)

    Dutch gas production is expected to fall to about 10 bcm in 2025, little over 10 per cent of the 2013 production level. Within the EU, Dutch gas has so far mostly been replaced by Russian gas. However, when compared to Groningen gas, Russian gas has a carbon footprint that is greater by about 30 per cent. For the Netherlands, replacing Dutch gas with Russian gas negates, by far, all the progress that is being made by increasing the share of renewables in the electricity mix. This has hardly played a role in decision making on gas supplies. It should. Continue reading the news article on the Emerging Europe website.

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    Nord Stream 2 labor camp. The prisoners’ work was used in the construction of the gas pipeline

    During the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the Russian authorities illegally used the forced labor of prisoners – informed Russian human rights defenders at a conference in Strasbourg. “Russian authorities and state-owned companies use the forced labor of prisoners, in accordance with the practices used in the GULAGs” – announced at the conference “Putin’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and its real price for Europe” organized on October 22 in Strasbourg, the founder of the organization dealing with human rights protection “GULAG – NO “Vladimir Osieczkin. Continue reading the article on the Polish Energetyka24 website.

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    Wij Russen betalen de prijs voor jullie schone gas

    Een van Ruslands bekendste milieuactivisten, Jevgenja Tsjirikova, doet een beroep op Europa om Russisch gas van het omstreden project Nord Stream 2 af te wijzen. Weinig mensen in het Westen denken na over de ethische kanten als ze fossiele brandstoffen uit Rusland kopen. Nord Stream 2, een gaspijpleiding van Rusland naar Duitsland, laat zien wie de echte prijs voor goedkoop Russisch gas moet betalen. Laten we beginnen met de plaats waar het gas wordt gewonnen: het schiereiland Jamal. Oorspronkelijk behoorde Jamal niet tot Rusland. Het werd bewoond door inheemse volkeren: de Nenets, Selkoepen, Chanty en vele andere, die rendieren hielden en een nomadisch leven leidden. Gazprom pakt het land af…

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    Pressure builds over environmental impact of Nord Stream 2

    Environmental activists in Russia have claimed that the company building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline have violated Russian laws on environmental protection by harming natural reserves inside the country, the Russian press has reported. According to the Russian office of international climate watchdog Greenpeace, the destruction of certain endangered species in the Kurgalsky nature reserve in Russia’s northwest are “massive and continuing.” The organisation’s claims are based on the on-site scientific examinations of Russia’s Komarov Botanical Institute, which said that a significant number of unique plants, which were promised to be transplanted by the gas pipeline’s project company, have been destroyed. Continue reading the news article on the Emerging Europe…

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    Nord Stream 2: Großprojekt der Privatwirtschaft oder Instrument russischer Geopolitik?

    Bei Nord Stream 2 fallen wirtschaftliche und geopolitische Interessen Russlands untrennbar voneinander zusammen. Der Bau der Pipeline muss als Versuch Moskaus gewertet werden, sich in der aktuell angespannten politischen Lage vor allem gegenüber der Ukraine aber auch der EU alle Handlungsoptionen offen zu halten, um diese zukünftig zur Durchsetzung eigener strategischer Ziele nutzen zu können. ‚Deutschland ist ein Gefangener Russlands‘. Mit dieser provokanten Aussage erregte US Präsident Donald Trump am Rande des NATO-Gipfels im Jahr 2018 in Brüssel große mediale Aufmerksamkeit. Und US-Vizepräsident Mike Pence fand auf der Münchener Sicherheitskonferenz in diesem Jahr noch deutlichere Worte: „Wir können die Verteidigung des Westens nicht garantieren, wenn unsere Bündnispartner sich vom Osten abhängig…

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    The mysterious assassin who killed a former militant in Berlin last month was likely assisted by officials within the Russian dgovernment, who facilitated his travel across Europe and wiped his faked records from official databases after the killing, new research indicates. According to evidence uncovered by the Bellingcat investigative journalism organization, the killer could not have carried out the assassination of Georgian Zelimkhan Khangoshvili on August 23 without help from Russian officials. Khangoshvili fought against Russian forces in Chechnya. There are conflicting reports regarding the identity of the gunman, who has reportedly refused to speak with German law enforcement since his arrest, though he has met with Russia diplomats. Continue reading the news article…

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    New Evidence Links Russian State to Berlin Assassination

    Contrary to the findings of the unnamed Western agency, Bellingcat and its investigative partners Der Spiegel, The Insider and The Dossier Center have concluded that the suspect held by German police is unlikely to be Vladimir Stepanov. This conclusion is based on a weeks-long investigation that analyzed – and ultimately rejected – the hypothesis that the killer and the former police major serving a 24-year sentence are the same person. The same finding was reached independently by the Petersburg-based outlet Fontanka, who claim in September 26 report that Vladimir Stepanov remains in a Russian prison. In the process of this investigation, Bellingcat and its partners have obtained conclusive evidence that the suspect –…

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    An apparent assassination in Germany has all the hallmarks of the Kremlin — and Russia doesn’t seem to care

    The daylight killing of a Chechen militant in Berlin looks increasingly like the work of Russia, though the Kremlin denies it. Investigators recently published evidence they say proves the suspect had a fake ID which only the Russian state could provide. A longtime Israeli intelligence operative, speaking anonymously, told Insider that the cover provided would not withstand much scrutiny — a common feature in Russia-linked killings. Extensive databases and new technology, the source said, mean that techniques once used to falsify identities no longer work. For Russia to continue such work, knowing the likelihood of getting caught, is tantamount to saying that it does not care. Continue reading the published…

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    EU’s top court curtails Gazprom access to Nord Stream pipeline link

    WARSAW/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Europe’s top court on Tuesday overruled an EU decision allowing Russia’s Gazprom to ship more gas via the Opal gas pipeline, which links its Nord Stream pipeline to Germany. The ruling is politically charged as Poland and other eastern European nations fight Gazprom’s plans to double the capacity of Nord Stream and bypass legacy gas routes via Poland and Ukraine. Germany, the main beneficiary of the expanded pipeline known as Nord Stream 2, redoubled its defense of the project on Tuesday, while Poland said it threatened gas supplies to central and eastern Europe. Continue reading the article published on the Reuters news website.

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    Brussels unlikely to appeal EU court decision hampering Nord Stream pipelines

    The European Commission is unlikely to appeal a decision of the EU General Court on Tuesday (10 September) to restrict the transit of Russian gas via the Opal pipeline, running on German territory. This decision appears to hampers the Gazprom-backed Nord Stream 2 offshore pipeline project, which is nearing completion, as well as the first leg of the project which is operational since 2011. Continue reading the article published on the Euroactiv news website.

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    A killing in Berlin raises uncomfortable questions about Germany’s relationship with Vladimir Putin

    Boris Reitschuster is a Berlin-based journalist and specialist on Russia. On Aug. 23, an assailant gunned down a Chechen dissident during broad daylight at a park in the center of Berlin, just a short walk from the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now, a week later, Germans are still agonizing over the shooting’s likely effect on their country’s relationship with Russia. The victim, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, was a 40-year-old ethnic Chechen from Georgia. Starting around 2001, he fought on the rebel side — against Russian troops — during the Second Chechen War. The Kremlin, correspondingly, considered him a terrorist. For his supporters, he was a fighter for the independence of Chechnya. Continue reading…

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    Nord Stream 2: Energy Security For Europe Or Prelude To Russian Aggression In The Baltic?

    Nord Stream 2 (NS2) has been subject to a vigorous debate and much disagreement on whether it provides an opportunity for diversification of gas supply to the European union or facilitates Russian dominance. But some go even further, suggesting that NS2 could become excuse for Russian expanded military presence or even military aggression in the Baltic Sea. The Project in a Nutshell  The Nord Stream 2 (NS2) project consists of two pipelines running across the bottom of the Baltic Sea carrying Russian natural gas to Germany. Once completed the two pipelines would offer 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) in annual capacity.  As such, NS2 is an attempt at duplicating the success of Nord…

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    Senator Cruz Says U.S. Has Ability To Halt Nord Stream 2

    U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has said that the United States still has the ability to halt construction of a planned pipeline to send Russian natural gas to Germany, even as the project nears completion. Russia has said it expects to complete the 1,220-kilometer-long Nord Stream 2 project running under the Baltic Sea by the end of the year. Continue reading the article on the Radio Free Europe news website.

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    Breiter Konsens gegen Nord Stream 2

    Der demokratische US-Senator Chris Murphy erklärt, warum sein Land Sanktionen gegen Nord Stream 2 plant – und warum ihn die Debatte in Berlin überrascht. In den USA gibt es nicht mehr viele politische Themen, bei denen sich Republikaner und Demokraten einig sind. Doch kurz vor der Sommerpause billigte der Auswärtige Ausschuss des US-Senats bei nur zwei Gegenstimmen einen Gesetzentwurf, der „Europas Energiesicherheit schützen“ soll. Dieser sieht Sanktionen gegen Firmen vor, die am Bau der Pipeline Nord Stream 2 beteiligt sind. In der Ablehnung des Projekts gebe es in den USA einen „breiten überparteilichen Konsens“, sagte der demokratische Senator von Connecticut, Chris Murphy, am Dienstag in Berlin. „Viele Republikaner und Demokranten wünschen sich,…

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    “Putin es una bomba de relojería: un sociópata con poder y armas nucleares”

    Title, “Putin is a time bomb: a sociopath with power and nuclear weapons” Para el Gobierno ruso, Bill Browder (Massachusetts, 1964) es un agente, bien de la CIA o del MI6, un multimillonario que ha sobornado a políticos de todo el mundo, y forma parte de una conspiración sionista que tiene como objetivo dominar el mundo, y reducir a la mínima expresión el poder de Moscú y de su presidente, Vladimir Putin. Para quienes creen en su lucha, es un emprendedor entusiasta que lleva diez años empeñado en hacer justicia por la muerte de su auditor, el abogado Serguei Leonidovich Magnitsky (Odesa, 1972). Continue reading the Spanish published article on…

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    Russia has tripled military presence in Crimea for ‘possible offensive operations’ against Ukraine, says intel report

    Russia has nearly tripled its military manpower in Crimea since illegally annexing the peninsula in 2014, an intelligence report says, in preparation for possible further incursions into Ukraine. Russian forces have dramatically increased across the board, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service found, with large numbers of personnel, armor, artillery, aircraft, and ships moved to the formerly autonomous republic located in Ukraine’s south. Continue reading the article on the Washington Examiner news website.

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    To Deal with Bad Ideas, Develop Better Solutions

    The Russo-German Nord Stream gas pipeline projects—Nord Stream I, completed in 2011, and Nord Stream II scheduled to be completed around the end of 2019—are bad projects because they increase European dependence on Russian gas in general, and especially because they give the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin the option of delivering gas to Germany while bypassing other European countries. Putin’s Russia has a track record of using gas exports as political pressure, for example, against Ukraine in the years leading up to Putin’s attack on that country in 2014 and has threatened to do the same to Central European countries, including those in the European Union. Given this, and their long…

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    Nord Stream 2: high stakes for underwater pipeline lawsuit

    That the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project, which is backed by both the Russian and German governments, is now suing the European Union over what it describes as “discriminatory” rules speaks to the serious issues underlying the project and the risks it poses to European energy independence and security. To its proponents in both Moscow and Berlin, the Nord Stream 2 project is a straightforward way to meet the pressing energy needs of Europe’s largest economy. To Nord Stream 2’s many opponents across the rest of Europe, however, the political and economic leverage Vladimir Putin will gain over the European Union far exceeds the proceeds he can expect from shipping gas via the…

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    Senate panel backs Nord Stream 2 pipeline sanctions bill

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Senate committee passed a bill on Wednesday to slap sanctions on companies and individuals involved in building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that the Trump administration says would strengthen Moscow’s economic grip on Europe. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the “Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act,” by a vote of 20 to 2. The bill, which reflects some lawmakers’ concerns over Russian influence in Europe, would still need to pass the full Senate and House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump into law. Continue reading the article published on the Reuters news website.