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    Not Only Geopolitics: U.S. Threatens Sanctions Over Russian Nord Stream 2 Project

    If Republicans and Democrats from the Trump administration and the U.S. Congress, which stand on different sides of the political barricade, can unite their forces, they may speak with one voice when criticizing Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline project. In May, bipartisan efforts were made to intensify work on sanctions targeted at entities involved in building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany while U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry declared in Brussels and Kiev that introducing a restrictions package is just a matter of time. Continue reading the article on the Warsaw Institute news website.

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    Sanctions bill on Nord Stream 2 coming soon: U.S. energy secretary

    KIEV (Reuters) – United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Tuesday that a sanctions bill putting onerous restrictions on companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 project would come in the “not too distant future”. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project has come under fire from the United States and several eastern European, Nordic and Baltic Sea countries which fear it will increase the European Union’s reliance on Russian gas. Continue reading the article on the Reuters news website.

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    U.S. Senate Threatens Sanctions Over Russian Pipeline

    Washington and Berlin face off again over Nord Stream 2 as European ships are targeted. In the latest uptick of trans-Atlantic tensions, European ships involved in the construction of a controversial gas pipeline from Russia to Germany could be subject to U.S. sanctions under a new bipartisan bill that will be introduced in the U.S. Senate as early as Monday. The bill, sponsored by Sens. Ted Cruz, a Republican, and Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, would sanction companies involved in laying deep-sea pipelines for Russian energy projects, taking direct aim at the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which has emerged as a major source of tension between the United States and Germany. Foreign…

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    Nord Stream 2: Jetzt wird Gazprom nervös

    Der Streit um die deutsch-russische Gaspipeline ist wieder voll entflammt: Der EVP-Kandidat für das Amt des EU-Kommissionspräsidenten, Manfred Weber, hat angekündigt, die Leitung blockieren zu wollen, falls er Chef der EU-Behörde werden sollte. Lange Zeit sah es so aus, als könnte nichts und niemand dieser Rohrleitung etwas anhaben: Selbst als Russland sich 2014 die Krim einverleibte, wurden die Pipeline-Pläne zwar mal kurz auf Eis gelegt, aber dann flugs wieder aufgetaut. Seitdem sind Russland wie Deutschland emsig damit beschäftigt, Röhre um Röhre auf dem Ostsee-Grund zu verlegen und damit Kilometer für Kilometer dem gemeinsamen Traum einer zweiten Energie-Hauptschlagader näherzukommen. Auch das miserable Verhältnis der EU und der NATO zu Moskau oder…

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    Nord Stream 2 investors await new U.S.-sanctions

    WASHINGTON – March 23 (WNM staff/news wires) In Washington, consultations are under way whether and if to which extend sanctions should be imposed on the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. According to sources in Washington, no decision is yet made. But World News Monitor has learned from people involved with the decision that some kind of sanctions is more likely to come than no sanctions at all. Investors are hence waiting for a decision before they decide whether to put money in Nord Stream 2. Russian media reported, that Italian bank Intesa is considering an investment into Nord Stream 2. But a spokesman for Intesa-CEO Antonio Fallico told World…

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    Despite sanctions, Russian tanker supplied fuel to North Korean ship-crew members

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) – A Russian tanker violated international trade sanctions by transferring fuel to a North Korean vessel at sea at least four times between October 2017 and May 2018, two crew members who witnessed the transfers said. Such transactions could have helped provide North Korea with an economic lifeline and eased the isolation of the secretive communist state, whose leader, Kim Jong Un, is due to meet U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam this week. Primportbunker, the owner of the vessel the crew members said made the transfers, did not respond to requests for comment by telephone. No one answered the door when Reuters visited the building where…

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    State Secretary Pompeo: US will do “everything in its power” to stop Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    United State Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday in a joint press conference with Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz that the US will do everything in its power to stop Russia’s plans to build the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe, France24 reports. Pompeo said that the pipeline from Russia to Germany, on which construction began last year, would “funnel money” to Russia in a way that hurts Europe.   “So while there is certainly a commercial aspect to that kind of transaction, there is an enormous security risk that is attached to it,” Pompeo said. Nord Stream 2 would be 1,200 km long and would double…