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    Iran-Linked Ship to Aid Construction of Contested Russian Pipeline

    A ship linked to the Iranian regime’s illicit activities is currently being repurposed to engage in work on a contested Russian-German gas pipeline that has been heavily sanctioned by bipartisan coalitions in Washington, D.C., and is broadly opposed across Europe. The U.S. government has information indicating Russia may attempt to acquire and modify the Oceanic 5000, a crane ship based in Spain’s Canary Islands, for work on the contested Nord Stream 2 pipeline, according to current and former U.S. officials working on the issue. The Oceanic 5000 is known to U.S. officials for helping the Iranian regime build gas pipelines in the Persian Gulf. A senior Trump administration official confirmed the ship’s ties…

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    “Putin es una bomba de relojería: un sociópata con poder y armas nucleares”

    Title, “Putin is a time bomb: a sociopath with power and nuclear weapons” Para el Gobierno ruso, Bill Browder (Massachusetts, 1964) es un agente, bien de la CIA o del MI6, un multimillonario que ha sobornado a políticos de todo el mundo, y forma parte de una conspiración sionista que tiene como objetivo dominar el mundo, y reducir a la mínima expresión el poder de Moscú y de su presidente, Vladimir Putin. Para quienes creen en su lucha, es un emprendedor entusiasta que lleva diez años empeñado en hacer justicia por la muerte de su auditor, el abogado Serguei Leonidovich Magnitsky (Odesa, 1972). Continue reading the Spanish published article on…

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    Last Stop for Some of Danske Bank’s Dirty Money: Spanish Real Estate

    Some of the $230 million at the heart of Europe’s widening money-laundering scandal was ultimately spent on Spanish real estate, according to anti-corruption prosecutors in Madrid. Their investigation following a trail that originated in Russia broadens an inquiry that so far has concentrated on the Baltic states and Scandinavian banks including Danske Bank A/S and Swedbank AB. The Spanish probe alleges that a money-laundering ring moved about 35 million euros ($39 million) through accounts in Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania and then via Estonia to Spain, providing new details about the final destination of some of the cash. The funds “have been laundered since 2008 through an international structure of companies, banks and…

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    Spanish Anti-Corruption Body Investigating Troika Laundromat Protagonists

    The Spanish anti-corruption body is investigating the purchase of Costa Brava properties by close allies of Russian president Vladimir Putin, who are believed to have laundered money through The Troika Laundromat apparatus, El Periodico revealed Wednesday. El Periodico sources close to the matter confirm the ongoing months-long investigation into the purchase of four lucrative properties by Delco Network and Dino Capital on behalf of Russian oligarch Vladimir Artyakov – former governor of the Samara region and director in the state defense-tech company, Rostec. The villas were purchased through an 80-year-old Russian proxy, with €13 million (US$14.7 million) pumped through the two offshore companies. A proxy is a person authorized to act on behalf of…

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    EU urges crackdown on ‘golden passports’ for big investors

    The Commission plans closer monitoring of those schemes and of “golden visas” granting residence in exchange for big investments. It says they can be abused for tax evasion and money-laundering. EU citizenship gives an individual free movement in most of the EU, easy access to the single market and other rights. Twenty EU countries have such schemes.